KFC Romania asks prices from bloggers to run a Smart Choice campaign on blogs

Creativity, Marketing, PR

KFC Romania launches Smart Choice, a platform through which it sells its product to the best prices. In order to make this platform known, KFC decided to run also a campaign on blogs, the 1st step being to ask bloggers to evaluate how much costs to place a banner on their blogs – Euro 50, 100 or 150.

This is the 1st campaign KFC Romania runs on blogs and it aims to give the same chances to new and old bloggers.

Taking in consideration the power of each blog, there are 3 categories of blogs where the campaign will run: Euro 50, Euro 100 and Euro 150.

Because each blogger knows the force of its blog, they must post, until February 8th, a comment at a KFC blog post where to mention how much he/she thinks placing a 125×125 banner should cost on his/hers blog.

On February 9th, the people that posted comment must publish on their blogs a post with a link to the same article. On February 12th, based on a ranking based on the number of visitors sent by blogs on KFC’s blog, the best positioned blogs will be selected to post campaign’s banner.