BrandTailors’ online communication strategy, built exclusively on social networks

Branding, Creativity

Romanian strategic brand consulting and design firm BrandTailors is the first Romanian company that build its online communication strategy and website on an innovative concept, relying solely on social networks as media support for information dissemination.

The past few years technological speed-act, the continuous boost of the social networks influence, the extension of their usage choices and the migration of communication budgets towards the Internet have all determined a strategic rethinking on what communication and on-line presence mean for a company which has always ranked in the tier of Romanian branding industry.

For the past few years, BrandTailors has continuously supported and promoted the strategic approach within the digital environment on behalf of each brand the company has advised in this matter.

Consequently, in 2009 the company has established Community BrandTailors – the first Romanian digital brand consulting and digital brand content design division, providing complex on-line communication strategy services. The guiding idea was to create an unique instrument that will enable us to disseminate information towards various targeted groups and concurrently, to open up furthermore into sharing our accomplishments, ideas and beliefs.

The newly created platform is built out of strategic mix of social media networks – FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Flickr and Scribd. The innovation behind the new website architecture and structure is that the entire content of is being hosted exclusively by these social networks, allocated according to the type of interaction each of the networks give to their users.

Romanian BrandTailors worked for an impressive portfolio of clients, that includes names such as The Coca-Cola Company, GlaxoSmithKline, Intersnak, Pepsico, Lactalis, Tetra Pak, Albalact, Caroli Foods, Kandia, Azuga Waters, Titan, Ţiriac Holdings, Intact Media Group, Smartree or Petrom, Kandia, Măgura, ROM, Silvana, Zuzu, Fulga, Rarăul,Lăptic LaDorna, Perla Covasnei, Eurovita, Antena 1, UTV, Europa FM, Radio 21, BCR Open România or Class Living, Azuga Apa de Izvor, HapiHap, Grania, Generis, Vibe FM, Active Watch or many others.