UPDATED: Romanian Grapefruit and Labormed, awarded at Rebrand 2011

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(Adds another Romanian agency that got a Notable distinction at Rebrand 2011)

Grapefruit was awarded at Rebrand 2011 with the work agency did for its client, Labormed Pharma, one of Romania’s top 5 largest generic pharmaceuticals manufacturers (annual turnover of Euro 46M and 470 employees)

Grapefuit had to create an effective umbrella brand for a portfolio growing from one to several powerful brands. Same time, the agency had to preserve the corporate brand’s positive heritage and to help the transition from an entrepreneurial to a more corporate organizational culture. 

In order to do that, the brand adopted a differentiating positioning based on passion and professional prowess, following the new strategy that defined the brand architecture, the corporate, employer, and product aspects of the brand.

To make it simple and easier to remember, the brad name was shortened to Labormed, dropping the undifferentiating “Pharma”, while a new visual identity, strongly suggestive of healthcare and humanity, replaced the old one. Also, the brands in company’s portfolio had their visual identities modernized.

As a result of the rebranding, the turnover of the company grew by 40% year on year and exports grew from 0% to 6%. Also, the strategy helped boosting employee motivation and increased commercial performance.

Grapefruit team that worked on the project include Stefan Liute, Simona Turea and Ionela Nicolau – Strategy, Marius Ursache – Creative Director, Liviu Maxim and Cristina Poncu – Design and Georgiana Matei – Project Management.

There were also other agencies from Romania with creations appreciated at Rebrand 2011.

This way, BrandTailors got a Merit mention for BCR Open. The team that worked on the project included Beatrice Danis – Brand Strategist, Andreea Florea – Project Manager, Melania Nemes – Senior Designer, Janos Kurko – Creative Director and Mihai Parpalea – DTP.

BrandTailors also got a second Merit mention for Raraul, an Albalact brand the agency repositioned on modern coordinates, relevant for the urban consumer.

Another Merit mention went to Brandient, for Patria Credit rebranding. The team that realized the rebranding included Aneta Bogdan and Madalina Diaconescu – Strategy, Cristian “Kit” Paul – Creative Director and the designers Bogdan Dumitrache, Iancu Barbarasa and Alin Tamasan.

Also, a Notable distinction was awarded to Seed Consultants, for its work for Galador brand, as Rebrand and AdPlayers.ro announced.

The team that worked on Galador project included Dochita Zenoveiov – Managing Director, Roxana Iancu – Senior Brand Consultant, Raluca Beldiman (Pinky)- Brand Designer, and Vladimir Martinus – Project Executive

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The solution captures the complexity of the sporting event brand: the “ACE” representing the spectacular element, the “touchline” representing the game rules and the “clay” representing the tournament court, all created to convey the young energy of tennis.

Defining the ACE as the strongest form of attack of a player and as the perfect swing that combines technical skill with a stroke of luck, BCR Open Romania receives the core brand associations – talent and ambition.

The brand promise, “a real show in every match,” comes to life through speed, energy and force translated in a contemporary visual paradigm.

In 2009, BCR Open Romania’s overall attendance increased by 10%, with an obviously stronger interest of the younger audience. An impressive number of premium glossy magazines have agreed to team up with BCR Open Romania as media partners and endorsers, thus contributing to increasing the level of brand awareness.


Client: Media-Tique
Brand Manager: Liliana Ivaşcu

Brand Strategists/Designers: BrandTailors – www.brandtailors.com
Brand Strategist: Beatrice Daniş
Project Manager: Andreea Florea
Senior Designer: Melania Nemeş
Creative Director: Janos Kurko
DTP: Mihai Părpălea

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