Smartphones are addictive and not fitted for break-ups


20% of the smartphones owners admit they are being addicted to their smartphones, according to a JustAsk! Research Study from Crowd Science. Also, 89% of them think is rude to end a relationship through a text message

According to the study, from the respondents that admitted to being addicted, 26% are iPhone owners and 13% – BlackBerry owners.

According to the study, 57% of smartphone owners would fish out their phone in case it felt into a public toilet, with iPhone owners (65%) more likely to do so than BlackBerry owners (49%).

People aged 30 to 49 years old are heaviest users of smartphone features. On the other hand, respondents over 50 use fewer features, mainly SMS, games and social media, and do so less frequently.

58% do local searches at least once a week, while 25% of respondents say they perform local and map-based activities less than once a month and 11% say they never do so.

The research covered people owning iPhone, Android and BlackBerry phones in US.