Dragos Stanca, member in Romanian ABC’s board

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Dragos Stanca, Managing Partner Q2M, is one of the 3 new members of Romanian Bureau for Circulation Audit (BRAT – Romania version of ABC), along with Lucian Ionita, Publisher Director Sanoma Hearst Romania, and  Maria Toghina – member of Romanian State radio management board and vice president of the Romanian Press Club

The 3 new members were elected on March 29th, during the Generally Assembly of BRAT’s members.

In seance’s start, Silviu Ispas, BRAT president, underlined the importance BRAT gives, nowadays, to advertising investments

BRAT is an association that measures and verifies independently ad objectively the performance indicators of media products. As to this moment, BRAT has 210 members: written press or online publishers, advertising agencies, advertising clients and press distributors.