Mobile apps in marketing, consumer-gadget symbiosis and digital promo ideas – at Mobile Marketing Conference 2011

Digital & Media, Marketing

The 4th edition of Mobile Marketing Conference, dedicated to promotions in online, is the most important in this sector in Romania and will take place on May 5th, at Howard Johnson Hotel in Bucharest.

Evensys is organizing the event together with Nokia, Initiative Romania, Syscom Digital and Voxline.

The 1st part of the conference will focus on identifying the newest trends on mobile apps market and using them as marketing tools, along with useful info about consumers and their way of acting in the mobile universe. The 2nd part of the event will present the practical aspects of the presentations, though case studies, examples and promo solutions through mobile marketing.

Speakers that will be present at the conference include Steve Dallas – Initiative Romania, Gavin Redeer – Digital Executive Director, Maia  Novolan – Syscom Digital, Dan Virtopeanu – Voxline, Daniel Pana – BCR, Radu Apostolescu – eMAG, Alex Visa – Hyperactive, Pavol Magic – eTarget, Stefan Chiritescu – BBDO.