Czech ad market growth, predicted by media agencies

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Several media agencies have released their forecasts for the development of the Czech ad market in 2011.

According to Universal McCann, Czech advertising market will grow by 3.5%, still not enough to reach pre-crisis levels

On the other hand, GroupM expects a +2% growth, as there’s a lack of political elections that lead to higher ad spend for outdoor and press.

At its turn, ZenithOptimedia expects only a 1% growth.

GroupM forecasts that only two media types will post growth: internet and TV (with 3%), while press will remain unchanged, with an improvement for magazines but a visible drop for daily press.

ZenithOptimedia also expects internet to grow, mainly on the expense of press. TV is experiencing fragmentation but will keep or slightly improve its share in the media mix. Internet is expected to grow with 20%, TV with 2-5%.