Ogilvy Romania says “Economy is life” for Money Channel

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Ogilvy Romania and the Romanian business TV Money Channel launched a new strategic platform for the TV station, “Economy is life”, through which they try to show, in a simple and convincing manner, that economy is actually about every day’s life.

The launch of the new strategical platform coincides with the 5th anniversary of the TV station and aims to consolidate it on the long run.

“Economy is life” represents the core of the new promotional campaign for Money Channel and, in the same time, the major direction to build and evolve on editorial level for the TV

There is no life outside economy. Any life fact can be translated through an economic concept. And the other way around. And, based on this truth, we built a campaign we worked with pleasure and that I hope it will convince the public that a business TV talks more than any other station about the life every one of us has

Dani Macarie

Creative Director Ogilvy

Announced since mid of March, through a TV teasing, the image campaign continues starting April 5th and will run for almost 2 months, on TV, radio, press and online, through banners on economical and generalist sites and on Facebook.

The Ogilvy campaign is inviting the Romanian public to watch Money Channel in the following period and to see what new shows are in the program and what kind of content the TV station has now.

[youtube 0_C4vVY81I0 nolink]

Ogilvy’s team that worked on the project includes Alexandru Bădărau – Copywriter, Anca Ungureanu – Art Director, Donald Simionoiu – Senior Art Director, Toni Bunăiasu – Copywriter, Oana Boghici – AV Producer, Dani Macarie – Creative Director, Oana Radu – Account Director, Loredana Caradimu – Unit Business Director, Răzvan Moroianu – DTP Designer, Bogdan Anghel – Web Designer, Marius Fărcăşanu – Web Designer.

Tandem Film was in charge with TV ads’ production, wrking with the director Håkan Lidman, and using music from Electric Brother (Cristian Ştefănescu).

Money Channel’s team included Daniel Apostol – Executive Director, Dan Suciu – Editorial Director, Simona Creţu – Brand Manager, Andreea Negru – Editor in Chief and Arina Moga – General producer.

Ogilvy Group Romania is part of Ogilvy international network (WPP).

Company’s clients’ portfolio includes global and national companies such as BAT, Unilever, Kraft, COSMOTE/Germanos, Ford, but also Tarom, Petrom, Heineken, Millennium Bank, Sollers PPD and many others.