Facebrands monitors check-ins on social networks

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Facebrands.ro, Romanian Facebook pages monitoring service, launched, today, a monitoring section for check-ins on social networks.

Starting Wednesday, check-ins evolution on social networks in Romania can be followed on facebrands.ro in the www.facebrands.ro/places section. This section includes check-in data from a few social networks, using, in the start, Facebook and Foursquare data.

Facebrands.ro users will be able to follow the evolution of check-ins for each place monitored on a dedicated page.

According to data collected until now, Romanian internet users checked-in on social networks for over 370,000 times, until May 3rd.

Check-in is a function of social networks that allows users to signal they visited or they are in a certain place, using their smartphones or GPS integrated tablets. At the start of the year, Facebook launched this function also in Romania and we think it is the right moment to include it in Facebrands.ro monitoring serice

Andrei Stefan, Manager Byte Flux
Check-ins are used by the most active internet and social networks users, and any business that can be “visited”, from a restaurant to a gulf club, can use this option to reach this users group

Ionut Oprea, Managerul Standout

The most checked-in places in Romania, on Facebook, are The Embassy Bucuresti (533 facebook check-ins), Café café Constanta (465 facebook check-ins) and Freddo Bucuresti (423 facebook check-ins).

On the other hand, the most checked-in places in Romania, on Foursquare, are
Bucharest International Airport (2,972 foursquare check-ins), Baneasa Shopping City – Bucharest (2,470 foursquare check-ins) ad Mall Vitan – Bucharest (2,247 foursquare checkins)

The biggest number of check-ins was accumulated by Bucharest international airport “Henri Coanda” (3,382 check-ins), followed by Baneasa mall (2,837 total check-ins) and Vitan Mall (2,546 check-ins).

Also, according to Facebrands.ro,  the number of Facebook users in Romania reached to 3,272,960, 77,42% of them having the town they live in mentioned on their profile.

The most Facebook users are from Bucharest (32.76%), Cluj Napoca (5.2%), Timisoara (4.88%), Iasi (4.84%) and Constanta (3.9%).

At this moment, Facebrands.ro is monitoring over 12,900 Romanian business and personal pages on Facebook, showing their evolution on days and weeks, along with other pages in the same category.