Van Damme’s frozen pants and the beer

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London advertising agency VCCP launched a campaign for Molson Coors beer brand, using Jean-Claude van Damme and his “frozen pants” to advertise the product

The campaign takes place under the slogan “The World’s Most Refreshing Beer”.

In the 2 beer commercials, the actor recounts his ice cold experiences from “pants frozen rock solid” to “nipples so cold they started talking to me”, mentioning that, ultimately, nothing ever compares to the ice cold refreshment of a Coors Light.

The ad is available online, on YouTube, and on Coors Light “Closest to Cold” Facebook page, but also on British TV screens.

Explaining his difficulty manoeuvring through the ice cold conditions of the Rockies in his pants, likening his walking to “a man-penguin after an intense mating season”, the legendary actor comments, “When a man’s pants freeze as rock-solid as mine, let me tell you my friends, even that was nothing compared to the ice-cold refreshment of a Coors Light.”

[youtube ca4ZHMbgrtQ&feature=player_embedded nolink]

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