National Action Team from “Let’s Do It, Romania!”, by Friends Advertising

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One month before the national cleaning day – September 24th – “Let`s Do It, Romania!”‘s team stats the national promo campaign. This year’s campaign concept, National Action Team, reunites all the volunteers that want to be part of the campaign. Friends Advertising made the campaign, that will run on TV, radio, outdoor, indoor, online and print

I can’t remember more than 2-3 projects/ Romanian ideas in the last 20 years that managed to gather around them so many positive feeling, benign energies and plans that actually reach to an end. One of them is “Let’s Do It Romania!”. I don’t know how they managed, but I immediately said “yes” as we were challenged to think this year’s campaign. I am glad we could contribute to what “Let’s Do It Romania!” means and we can be part of the National Action Team. See you on the field!

Sorin Tranca,

Creative Director & Managing Partner Friends Advertising

An important component of the campaign is the TV ads realized together with Commitet. The main characters in the  TV ads are stars that are also ambassadors for “Let`s Do It, Romania!”: Adrian Despot (Vita de Vie), Zoli Toth (Sistem), Cornel Ilie (Vunk), Bitza, but also new faces that joined the campaign this year, Dana Rogoz and Diana Dumitrescu. TV ads director is Andrei Amarfoaie.

Working together with Friends was wonderful, they are really friends for us and they were close in all campaign’s stages. We find in them passion and enthusiasm, things we are looking in all “Let’s Do It Romania!”‘s partners. We do thank them, but also to Commitet team and to Andrei Amarfoaie, or director, an extremely professional and creative team. Not the last, we thank our ambasadors, that believe in the project and help us every time we ask

Let’s Do It, Romania! representatives


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