Jean-Marie Dru on efficiency, creativity, new media and building brands, during his Bucharest visit


Jean-Marie Dru, president TBWA/Worldwide and this year’s Cannes Lions Effectiveness Jury president, held a conference in Bucharest on Wednesday, talking about efficiency, creativity, new media and what it means to build a brand nowadays.

According to him, consumers and clients were happy, in the past, with a repetitive and mediocre communication but, nowadays, after the digital revolution and the economical crisis, consumers want to see creative and revolutionary ideas.

Dru explained that it’s easy to be different without being relevant, whilst it’s easy to be relevant but not different, while “the biggest challenge is to combine both”.

During the conference, Jean-Marie Dru presented a series of campaigns from different brands, that created their own identity on the market and that got substantially increased profits due to efficient creativity.

Among the example, there were mentioned Apple – that generated a revolution on IT products market through “Think different” campaign, adidas – 1st sports products brand to convince that “Imposible is nothing” – , TAG Heuer – “Success is a mind game” -, McDonalds – promoter of the endless happiness with “Happiness starts here” – and Pepsi.

To be efficient on the market, you must be creative, because people do not buy products that, through their values and ideas, don’t match their lifestyle

Jean-Marie Dru

Bucharest conference targeted top representatives from main local market corporations, marketing and communication people and mass media.

Jean-Marie Dru, TBWAWorldwide President, was this year, at Cannes Lions, president of the jury for the newly inaugurated Effectiveness Awards. With a career of over 40 years in advertising, Jean-Marie Dru is the author of “Disruption”, the concept that generated a true revolution in last decades communication and that was used by TBWA in building brands such Apple, adidas, Playstation, Nissan, Pedigree or Absolut.

Among the books written by Jean-Marie Dru, there are “How Disruption Brought Order” (Palgrave, 2007), “Beyond Disruption”  (John Wiley & Sons Inc, 2002), “Disruption” (John Wiley & Sons Inc.1996) and “Le Saut Créatif” (Lattès 1984).

Jean-Marie Dru was Cannes Lions’ advertising jury president twice, first in 1982 and than in 1998. He is member in European Advertising Association and professor at Paris Institute of Political Studies. In 2008, Jean-Marie Dru received the French Legion of Honor distinction for his contribution to advertising industry and business world.

TBWABucharest is the local bureau of the multinational advertising network TBWA, one of the most renown and powerful communication companies that are part of Omnicom. TBWA offers integrated communication services, from strategy, creation and production to PR and special events for a portfolio of clients that includes companies such as McDonald’s, Mars, Michelin, Henkel, Beko or Adidas.