Risks in social media, theme of an Evensys conference on legal issues

Creativity, Marketing

The potential risks companies can confront in social media will be in center of an Evensys conference that will take place on October 25th, Legal Issues in Social Media Conference, the 1st one of this kind.

Social networks are renown for their capacity of influencing public opinion, determine important decisions and forging a connection between a company and its audience. The more and more intense usage of social networks also attracted increased legal risks related to online communication activities.

Legal Issues in Social Media Conference has as a purpose to reunite, during one day, specialists in legislation, human resources, corporate communication and social media that will analyze the best strategies to prevent and surpass legal risks that come with the involvement in social media.

The event is targeting legal advisors working in companies that have marketing and advertising activities, human resources managers, PR professionals, corporate affairs, social media, marketing and branding specialists in companies  that want to find out relevant information on risks the companies present in social media are confronting with, the intellectual property rights, social media bullying or risks that company’s employees are generating.

Among the experts to be present at the conference there are Ana-Maria Baciu – Partener& Intellectual property practice coordinator at NNDKP, Delia Belciu – Senior Associate / Intellectual property practice NNDKP, Roxana Ionescu – Associate Manager / coordinator environment and data protection law NNDKP, Madalina Uceanu – Career Coach & Senior Advisor, CareerAdvisor, Cristian Manafu – Managing Partner Evensys, Alexandru Negrea – Social Media Manager BCR, Cristi China Birta – Co-Founder Blogal Initiative, Costin Cocioaba – Owner Refresh.ro, Cristi Dorombach – Blogger Piticu.ro.