Superbrands Romania finished the research phase for 2011-2012 program

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Superbrands Romania finished the research phase for 2011-2012 program, with 740 brands disputing the supremacy as Superbrand in Romanian consumers preferences.

As a conclusion of the research phase of Superbrands  2011-2012, 44% consumers prefer to buy products that are Superbrands.

Superbrands Romania  included in the program 740 brands for the research with consumers, from which 215 are Romanian brands (a third from the total).

The consumer research was made by Nielsen Romania, a traditional partner of Superbrands in Romania and abroad. The conclusions of the research will be finalized in the following period and will generate top 10 local and international brands, as they are ranked as Superbrands on Romanian market by consumers.

The 1st results of the study show that, at declarative level, for Romanian urban consumers, there are a few characteristic extremely important for brands to be considered Superbrands: very good quality of products / services (87%), a very good report quality – price (85%), respect towards consumers / clients (86%) and a very satisfied clients pool (84%), together with the trust brands are inspiring (84%).

Between brand attributes that influence less consumers in considering a brand as a Superbrand, consumers mentioned sense of humor (43%), presence in social networks (50%), tradition on Romanian market (56%) and involvement in social campaigns (57%).

According to Superbrands methodology, the program includes two steps. First, Superbrands Council – that includes 26 specialists and professionals in management, marketing, communication and branding – evaluated 1,260 brands from 48 product and services categories from different industries. The proposed list was compiled by Nielsen. The 1st stage of the program generated a list of 740 brands, representing almost 60% from the total number of brands evaluated by Superbrands Council.

In the second stage, the 740 selected brands entered the market research made by Nielsen, that ran at national level, in urban areas, from July to September.

Superbrands is active in over 100 countries in the world, stimulating pro actively, for over 20 years, the development of local markets through specialized programs and by publishing Superbrands catalogs. Nowadays, in Europe there are 16 Superbrands programs, including in UK, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Turkey and Romania.

Superbrands Romania is active since 2005 and runs through the PR and strategic communication agency BDR Associates.