Gemius study: Romanian users think shopping online is risky

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Although Romanian internet users like shopping, they are quite precautious when it comes about online shopping, considering this kind of shopping as risky, according to “E-commerce 2011: trends and attitudes”,  study realized by Gemius on Romanian market, informs.

Even if they are conscientious about the multitude of options they are being offered by online in what concerns shopping, the personal experience of Romanian internet users with online shopping is quite limited. According to the study, almost all Romanian internet users know about the possibility to shop online, but only 54% of them did that at least one time, women being the least attracted to this kind of shopping.

In 2011, 44% of the respondents that know about the option to buy online consider that this method is risky, compared to 50% two years ago. A significant percent of respondets consider that buying online is a way of shopping that consume less time and over 30% said that online shopping is cheaper than the traditional one.

Romanian internet users are focused on buying online the best quality products for the smallest possible price, looking also for a pleasant shopping experience, especially when the internet user is a woman.

Although Romanian internet users do not buy online a lot, they use the internet as an information source to plan acquisitions, to look for holidays and plane and transportation tickets and so on.

Experience online buyers prefer making acquisitions from online shops and not from auction or classifieds sites. Over 65% of them brought from online shops, mainly because the brought items are delivered at home.

The study was made in Romania for Allegro Group by IIBR | Gemius Group (Interactive Institute for Market Research), in partnership with, Ejobs, Digital4 and Internet Corp.