Romanian social network for book fans to be launched at Gaudeamus Book-Fair

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 Booktopia, the 1st social network dedicated to Romanian people that love reading, is to be launched officially at Gaudeamus Book-Fair, that will take place in Bucharest on November 23-27.

Booktopia is a social network based on passion for reading, a live library, in continuous transformation, and a new community where opinions on books can be exchanged by readers.

Booktopia is not affiliated to a publication, publishing house or other cultural institution, a marketing instrument, a book-store or an online catalog, although those kind of services might be find here through partnerships.

The new social network’s values are public evaluation, independence of the editorial products on Romanian market, the vote of the majority that doesn’t replace, but completes critics opinion. Also, on Booktopia, the book is the one that starts discussions and friendships.

There are people that can change books live as there are books that can change people’s lives. We conceived Booktopia as a meeting place. With a coffee house atmosphere, not an academical one. With friends, not with stars. With discussions, not verdicts.

Alexandra Rusu

Editor & Managing Partner Booktopia

For 5 days, Gaudeamus visitors will have access to Reader’s Tribune, where they can express freely their opinion on books. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from the same tribune, a series of known Romanian bloggers will share with the public their personal reading experience, as Booktopia Guest Speakers.

Also on Saturday, there will be also a debate launched by Booktopia in partnership with BookMag. The people that will speak about socializing reading will be Cezar-Paul Badescu (writer and critic), Costi Rogozanu (journalist), Cristina Bazavan (journalist and blogger), Bogdan Theodor Olteanu (communication consultant), Dragos Butuzea (blogger), Virginia Costeschi (journalist) and Dragos Dodu (book redactor and web editor). The discussions will be moderated by Alexandra Rusu, editor and Managing Partner Booktopia.