Over half Romanians believe in Santa Clause and want gadgets as presents

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According to a recent study made by a Bucharest mall, Liberty Center, over 50% of the questioned people believe in Santa Claus. Also, the same study revealed that the most wanted presents are last generation gadgets (28.23%) and holidays abroad (23,29%).

The reason why Romanians say they believe in Santa is that he reminds them of their childhood and because it is a reason for joy and expressing their feelings towards their loved ones.

We noticed that, from one year to another, the number of people that wish gadgets as Christmas gifts – last generation phones, tablets or music players. This is also the reason why we decided to offer in our Christmas draw iPad tablets and iPhones

Mihaela Ciceu

Liberty Center

Besides gadgets and holidays, Romanians also want as presents clothes and accesories, but not expensive perfumes or books.