Study: Romanians make lobby reactively, after making a decision or to correct one they already made

PR, Studies

GfK Romania and PR Romania published the results of an analysis that shows there is a shyness towards lobbying in Romania, with companies, NGOs and politicians being in favor of some  framework to regulate this activity.

Novadays, in Romania, the lobby activities are made by most after the decisions are made or to correct and improve these decisions. Although the general idea is that there are only a few lobby specialized companies in Romania, the study showed that there are many categories of actors involved in lobby activities: NGOs – 38%, multinational companies – 29% and only 4% are specialized companies.

All politicians and NGOs and 82% of companies consider lobby activities should have a legislative framework.

Lobby continues to be a tabu subject for many politicians, because they fear their electorate wouldn’t be happy with their availability for discussions with NGOs, professional associations or companies.

The study reached its conclusions with the help of 865 respondents. The research was initiated and implemented by Forum for International Communications through   PR Romania, between February – December 2011, with GfK Romania’s help