ROADS: Classical ads generated the highest revenues in Romania in H1 2011

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According to Romanian Online Advertising Study (ROADS), a study made by IAB Romania and PwC, classical online advertising generated, in H1 2011, the highest revenues. The highest income came from banners or key words ads. This formats are followed by interruptive pop-up ads and sponsored content.

Highest online advertising revenues came from embedded ads – banners and ads incorporated in web pages -, that reached to RON 22.68M. Secondly, pop-ups, images, texts and videos that appear on the screen directly when a page is accesed or through  the simple mouse move generated RON 6.37M, while sponsored content accounted for RON 4.88M in the total online advertising volume for the 1st half of last year.

Out of the 13 formats followed by ROADS, 92% of the total revenues were generated by 6 formats: embedded, interruptive, sponsored content, sponsored search, direct e-mail marketing and affiliated marketing.

According to ROADS, the most frequently used formats are not very different since 2007 until now. The companies that are using online advertising in Romania are still approaching classical online ad formats. The embedded format has shown an upward trend in the first 5 months, in terms of generated revenues, with its usage being double in May compared to January and with a decrease of usage in June (6%).

From 2007 until June 2011, advertisers’ interest for online increased considerably, with ROADS showing a double of revenues from embedded formats in H1 2011 (RON 22.7M) compared to the same period of 2001 (RON 11.3M).

The total revenues from online advertising, as revealed by ROADS, are of RON 43.7M (@ Euro 10M calculated at a rate of Euro 1 = RON 4.3) for the first 6 months of 2011, down 0.6% compared to H2 2010 and 4% higher than H1 2010. Also, online advertising investments in H1 2011 generated the highest revenues compared to same period from 2007 to present.

IAB Romania and PwC Romania will release a new edition of ROADS in April, after collecting and processing the data regarding the advertising revenues for H2 2011.

ROADS, made by PwC Romania and  IAB Romania, reached to the 5th edition and it analyses, every semester, the data regarding Romanian online advertising. The report aims, since its launch in 2007, to provide data that reflects most precisely the revenues of Romanian online advertising market. The most recent wave of the study was made with the participation of 22 companies.

IAB Romania was created in 2006 and reunites the most important companies in online advertising: media sales houses, advertising agencies, online advertising services providers and local publishers. IAB Romania is member of IAB Europe.