GfK: Smartphone demand, bigger than ever in Europe

ITC, Studies

Mobile phones demand grew again in Europe in 2011, mostly as a consequence of increased popularity for smartphones. According to GfK, last year were sold 3.2% more mobiles than in 2010, smartphone sales increasing by 67%.

Last year, 258M phones were brought by European consumers.

In 2010, smartphones represented only 22% of mobile telephony sales, a number that reached to 36% in 2011. In december 2011, the percentage reached to 45%. Retailers from 25 European countries that entered the study registered double digits sales, varying from 35% in UK to 105% in Eurasian countries such as Kazahstan, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.

The medium price of a mobile in Europe increased by 8% between 2010 and 2011, reaching to Euro 200.

GfK retail specialists estimate that digital gadgets industry – that includes mobiles, LCDs, computers, digital cameras, PC tablets and accesories for desk – will make this year almost a quarter of its revenues (22%) only from smartphones sales.