Okazii.ro: Women received small things while men got tablets, smartphones and watches, on Valentine’s and Dragobete

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In February, month that includes two love celebrations in Romania – Valentine’s Day and Dragobete -, Okazii.ro made a study that shows that women received as presents mainly small things, like scarfes, hearts and jewels, while men got tablets, smartphones and watches.

The study shows that, in the analyzed period, (February 1st-24th), 80.31% of the presents brought via Okazii.ro were for women.

Also, Okazii.ro signals a reorientation of Romanians towards online, where they search and buy present for the loved one, more than in 2011.

Compared to last year, when it comes of presents for women, most looked for items are scarfs (+118% increase), hearts (+80%) and jewels (+63%). When it comes of men, their loved ones had a larger wallet, looking for and buying tablets (+180% ), smartphones (+130%) and watches (+97%).

 Okazii.ro was officially launched on April 15th 2000 and is one of the most important Romanian e-commerce sites, connecting sellers and buyers on daily basis. Okazii.ro lists monthly over 1.4M products and has over 3.7M visitors per month.