Romania, included in IAB Europe’s Mediascope Europe 2012 expanded study

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Romania enters, starting this year, in Mediascope Europe study, after IAB Europe (The Interactive Advertising Bureau) announced the expansion of the Mediascope (most important study of communication industry related to media consumption at European level) on 13 new markets: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Ukraine.

Previous to this announcement, Mediascope was covering 15 markets: Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and UK.

The aim of the research is to focus on the different way the media consumption habits of Europeans are evolving and to underline the common and different points between countries and regions.

Mediascope Europe is unique through its way of identifying the changes in population’s habits regarding TV, online, radio, mobile and printed press consumption and through the deep analysis of the digital media consumption habits and of the e-commerce in all the European markets the study is made.

Mediascope includes the multi-tasking trends in media consumption and the online evolution, including the usage of internet on mobiles, tablets and via games consoles. Video consumption, social media usage and e-commerce are deeply analyzed to make a full portrait of the interactive consumer.

Study’s methodology includes an Omnibus study and online research and will be used in all 28 mentioned countries, with a total of over 50,000 interviews. Mediascope Europe is recognized on large scale as industry’s standard when it comes of European consumers’ research and includes historical data starting with 2003.

IAB Europe aims to offer the results of Mediascope Europe via multiple planning instruments, allowing users to manipulate data per country, on demographical consideration or per media user. The 1st instrument that will be available is Nielsen IMS Clear Decisions, through an IAB Europe subscription. Access to data, data complexity and number of countries vary, depending on subscription type.

Mediascope Europe is the most handy and easy to use study on media consumption, covering the mixed universe represented by European markets. Through this expansion in new countries, it becomes a standard and a refference point for IAB Europe and will be looked for, studied and analyzed in a detailed manner by marketers and companies to understand the latest media trends, to inform and to better shape the communication and marketing strategies

Alison Fennah

Vice President Marketing&Research IAB Europe

Two years ago, when the study was covering only some European countries, I saw some of its results and I realized its importance and usefullness for the industry. The study was offering to advertisers and agencies relevant information on media consumption development, with focus on realities and trends, such as the way people were using wireless technologies using in a more advanced manner different services available online, so that smaller or emerging markets could find out what future reserves for them and be ready for the long waited internet boom. It is clear though that, in 2012, Romania wasn’t allowed to miss from the European map of Mediascope

Cristi Petriceanu

President IAB Romania

Ioana Anescu, Managing Director IAB Romania, considers very important that IAB, as association of online advertising industry, managed to include Romania too in this study, being able to deliver this way to its members and to the market relevant and usefull information regarding media consumption, the relation between TV consumption and online actions, online video and social media consumption, types of activities done via mobile internet, users’ degree of interaction with brands, and so on.

We are happy that we can offer those informations and data that the market needs so much via an unified study, as there isn’t any other one in Romania, made at European standards. Moreover, the availability of these categories of information is not only helping local marketers to see the online channel’s potential and to support better their marketing strategies, but also we offer the occasion to foreigners to see in Romania a good medium to run online communication campaigns

Ioana Anescu

In Romania, the study is possible with help from sponsors such as Google Romania, Httpool Online and Mobile Advertising, Initiative Media, Leo Burnett, Media Investment, P&G, Think Digital and Vodafone.

Mediascope Europe’s general results at European level will be made public at Interact 2012, an event that will take place in May, in Barcelona. The results for Romania will be presented at the beginning of June, during an event organized by IAB Romania.

Pan-European sponsors of Mediascope Europe are Microsoft Europe, Orange Advertising Network, Yahoo! Europe, BBC Advertising, Adconion Media Group, United Internet Media, AOL Advertising Europe, Viacom International Media Networks. Also, the study gets support from local sponsors in each of the 28 European countries that enter the study

The main research company involved in Mediascope Europe since 2005 is SPA Future Thinking, headquartered in London. The omnibus research is made with help from Amarach, DataCollect, Doxa, Epinion, Focus Bari, FOM, Gallup, GfK, I’m Research, IMAS International, Ipsos, ISOPUBLIC, Mediaresearch, Prizma, Romir, Simple Logica, TNS si Yontem, while the online research is made by  QuestBack together with  Annik, DataCollect, Focus Bari, Gemius, GMI, Mediaresearch and  MindTake.