“We Day” in Romania: 110 partners and media exposure of Euro 300,000


The fundraising campaign “We Day”, supported pro bono by Initiative, broght $1,5M to the “Free the Children” foundation.  This is the largest international fundraising media campaign, for which more than 500 publishers around the world have offered free advertising space.

The aim of the campaign, globally conducted between December 26 and January 31, was to draw attention to the work of the “Free The Children”. The international campaign took place in over 70 countries without financial support to the media and creation. In association with the largest names in the media, Initiative provided the campaign media exposure space worth about 22 million dollars across all platforms internationally: TV, radio, online, mail, outdoor, newspapers and magazines.

In Romania, Initiative was supported by 110 media partners who have shown their solidarity by pro bono media exposure worth over 300,000 euros.

This is the second consecutive year when Initiative and its media partners support a charity for free, having results above the objectives. We want to thank all our media partners that helped us once more , this time with the largest international fundraising campaign

Andreea Dinescu

Client Service Director Initiative

More details on the campaign are available here.