TradeAds study: Romanian internet users get poorer and poorer

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According to the 3rd edition of  “Romanian internet user profile” study, made by TradeAds Interactive Research Department, the Romanian internet users are getting poorer, with 27.5% of respondent saying they earn less than RON 1.000 (less than Euro 250).

The frequency of low income per house maintains to a critical level, with 27.5% of respondents declaring monthly income under RON 1,000, compared to 25.5% that were saying the same in January 2011 and 15.35% in March 2010. When it comes of the households with monthly income of over RON 5,000, the percentage is of 10.2%, comparable to the previous years.


The information need increased, according to the study, that sees an evolution of Romanian internet user behaviour’s dynamic. The domains with the highest growth in terms of users’ interest are technology  (+9.8% compared to 2010), education (+8.6%), Art, culture and society (+6.8%), shopping (+6.4%) and sports (+5.7%). The need of information compensates the hostile economic climate and the restrictions generated at individual level.


In what concerns the online communication, instant messaging networks are dominant, being used by 68.3% of Romanians, as they keep using online to socialize. Accesing information and documentation activities are made by over 50% of respondents. According to the study, a big increase is also seen in accessing social networks. In 2012, 41.9% respondents said they use social networks, an over 10% increase compared to 2011 (30.1%) .

E-commerce grews considerably compared to 2011, as, in 2012, the number of people buying and selling online increased by 30% compared to the same period of last year.

On the other hand, Romanian prefer to use gadgets, mainly smartphones, to access the internet. The number of PCs and desktops decreased, while laptops and notebooks access to internet increased. Connecting to internet from mobiles such as smartphone/PDA registered a spectacular increase, with 15.2% in 2012, compared to 9% in 2011.

The study also reveals that users highly receptive to online ads are medium aged people, with tops medium education. For this category, ad banners have informative potential. Totally different is the case for young people with high income and University or higher studies, that are bothered by online advertising.

TradeAds Research study analyzes the evolution of Romanian internet users. The 3rd edition of the study used a 23 questions questionnaire, applied online from February 16th to 23rd. The number of respondents was of 3,314.