BrandTailors signs the new packaging design for Titan’s sliced bread


Romanian BrandTailors made the new packaging design for Titan’s sliced bread, which comes as a normal follow step after developing the branding program for HapiHap toast last year.

The concept of the new slice bread packaging design aims, through a strategically visual approach, to boost product’s sales at its relaunch on the market.

The conceptual connection established by the packaging design solution between the product’s range and producer results from an association between the central color – white  – with Titan’s brand essence, the quality of the flour. The differentiation for the sliced bread range in the competitive contest resides in using primary colors – to highlight the central element representative for Romanian public, the traditional plate – that are increasing in-store impact and the memorability of the range among consumers. Not the last, the central element of the new packaging design has as purpose the qualitative association of Titan sliced bread range with the premium range already popular, HapiHap, sliced toast bread.

Silviu Filipovici

Senior Brand Designer

BrandTailors’ team working on the project were Andreea Florea – brand audit, Andreea Florea and Silviu Filipovici – packaging design, Cristina Ionescu – project management, Mihai Parpalea – image processing and pre-print. Titan was represented in this project by Violeta Niculae – Marketing Manager & Member of Titan SA’s Board.