UPDATED: New campaign for Romanian Police, signed by Publicis Bucharest


(adds details regarding the campaign) Publicis Bucharest made a new campaign for Romanian Police, “The Prince and the Pauper”, that includes OOH, print, radio, POSM and a partnership with a TV show.

Started in January, the campaign and awareness program “The Prince and the Pauper” bring back in focus on the public agenda the dramatization of a cruel reality: the money given to paupers are reaching in the pockets of the interlopers that exploit them.

People are impressed when they see seniors or women with kids in their arms begging on the streets. They think they really help by offering them money. Many don’t even think that beggars are just tools and money they give to them are getting to vicious people that transform begging into a real business

Otilia Coman

Copywriter Publicis Bucharest

The campaign is completed by Bucharest Police by launching for public consult the present legislation, that doesn’t yet sanction begging as it should.

The partnership between Publicis Bucharest and Bucharest Police started 2 years ago, with “Don’t text and drive” campaign, a campaign awarded at prestigious festivals such as Golden Drum, Eurobest, AdStars, EPICA, New York Festivals and Romanian ADOR.

 The partnership with Bucharest Police was always a very dear one to us, both because we can develop works with a good creative reputation but mainly because we can satisfy our souls with minimum one good deed quarterly. Moreover, we have an extraordinary dialog partner

Razvan Capanescu

Chief Creative Officer Publicis

Involved in this campaign were:

Publicis Bucharest: Razvan Capanescu – Chief Creative Officer, Irina Stoleru – Art Director, Otilia Coman – Copywriter and Bogdan Voina – Account Manager.

Romanian Police: Gratiela Vaduva – Chief Communication Department

And Carioca, that handled the photo retouching.


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