Study: 67% young Romanians want to leave their town

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67% of young Romanians want to leave the city they live in to move to towns that offer the best quality of live, their main destinations being Bucharest (21.05%), Cluj-Napoca (18.46%) and Brasov (15.41%), according to a Siemens Romania study.

This data shows that internal migration is a phenomena that expanded during the last years in Romania, a trend that could create major unbalances, with towns that will be left with only old population and cities that will be over-crowded.

In order to prevent that, Siemens launched the sustainable urban development project Town 20.20, that targets mainly students and people following Master programs from all Romanian universities. The young people are encouraged to identify their town’s souls, the urban areas with an important social role and that have the capacity to give vitality and life to a city. Siemen’s vision is that sustainable development of those areas is the key through which towns can seduce and get loyalty from their inhabitants.

During the contest, young people must make a movie in which to identify these urban areas with an important role in town’s life, to present the present matters that can affect them and to propose scenarios for their sustainable development. The movies can be posted on between April 15th – May 15th and, in the end, a jury including Siemens experts will chose the winners of 3 prizes (Euro 1,000, Euro 750 and Euro 500).

Town20.20 is a competition through which we want to stimulate young people to think at the nice things in their towns and to come up with solutions for their development. The accent is not on technologies, but on the way the innovative solutions for urban development can influence our day-to-day quality of life and the way we relate to the towns we are living in

Cristian Secosan

General Manager Siemens Romania

According to young people, the main problems the towns they live in are the lack of workplaces or studies opportunities (18.39%), increased prices for living (14.86%), heavy traffic (13.33%), cleanliness (12.4%) and ugly and unsafe buildings (12.09%). The most appreciated aspects of towns are parks and green areas. Also, the respondents think that the factors that can improve quality of life in Romanian towns are expanding green areas (20.07%), building modernization (19.12%) and sustainable urban planning (16.02%).

The study was made on platform, with the help of 1,506 respondents aged 18-25 y.o. living in urban areas.

More details on Town 20.20 project are available on and on contest’s Facebook page.

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