GfK: Smartphones users download 22 apps and use 4 on daily basis

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70% of Romanian users consider very interesting the modern technology and are trying to use it as much as possible. More than 50% of them believe the aspect and style of an electronic product are important in making a buying decision, but this decision is taken also from utility considerents: they are buying products that would help them do what they need and not for fun.

Also, almost half of them are animated by the need of mastering the modern technology and to keep updated with the new gadgets, while 44% are buying products that can be upgraded or updated

The study was made by GfK Romania in April 2012 and analyzed the attitude towards technology and the way of acting from Romanian smartphones owners

According to the study, 79% of people that own smartphones are using its to check their e-mails, personal or work related. Around 2/3 are using their smartphones to visit online communities and social networks or as an agenda for appointments.

A significant percent – 47% – said the phone is useful also for making photos and posting updates in social media, but there is also the trend of searching for online info in the store, while they are shopping. They look mainly info related to products they want to buy (41%). On the other hand, young users like to find at any time a place in town where they can have fun (32%).

Romanian smartphones users are downloading around 22 apps, keep half of them and use 4 on daily basis.

Usually, Romanian smartphone users are using:

  1. Email/ Chat/ Instant Messenger (76%)
  2. Music/ Radio (60%)
  3. Social networks/ Blogs (57%)
  4. Games/ Free time spending  (54%)
  5. News/Weather reports (49%)

Romanian study’s target population included smartphone adults users, aged 18- 55y.o. The study was made on 513 respondents, with answers collected following online interviews on AskGfK panel.