2Parale: Romanians are spending more money online in


Romanians are spending more money for online shopping, with over RON 400 (@ Euro 100) transactions increasing continuously since the start of the year, according to 2Parale, the biggest Romanian affiliate marketing network.

The budgets spent for online acquisitions were, only through 2Parale’s network, of over RON 5.2M – no VAT added – in the first 3 months of current year. This amount, of over Euro 1M, is 75% higher than the money spent last year, in the same period.

According to a 2Parale activity report for Q1, Romanians are spending more money for a single transaction. The number of orders of over RON 400 increased by 15% compared to the same period last year . On the other hand, the number of transactions under RON 100 decreased, excluding the ones on discounts websites.

In  Q1 2011, almost 2/3 of online orders weren’t above RON 100 while, this year, in the same period, only 47% of the online placed orders are under RON 100. Also, the medium value of an order increased by 15% , reaching to RON 240  (no VAT added).

The highest online spendings were made in March, a month during which the total sales were of RON 1.8M (@ Euro 420,000) only via 2Parale. During the same month, only for IT&C sector, the budget for a single order increased to a media of RON 710 (close to Euro 200).

2Parale affiliates earned, in March, RON 145,000, with the highest earning – RON 814 – coming from a single sale on IT&C segment. In Q1, 2Parale affiliates earned a total of RON 405,000 or around Euro 100,000, no VAT.

Fashion and IT&C continue to be the most attractive products categories for online buyers, in 2Parale’s network. The biggest ascension comes though from electronic products and books, categories that get more and more interest in Romanian online commerce.

Online commerce ears more and more Romanians’ trust and become, for some consumers, the 1st option when it comes of buying certain products. Not only that the number of sales is increasing, but there are more money used for a single order, which proves clearly that consumers’ trust was earned. We expect an acceleration of this evolution by some market segments increase, mainly tourism and children products

Dorin Boerescu

CEO 2Parale

The most online products are brought on Wednesdays and Thursdays, with small variations depending of products’ category. Also, compared to last year – when most buys were after noon, with many people shopping from job -, a new peak for sales is registered this year, during evenings, after 22.00. This shows that more and more Romanians are placing orders during night, from home, following a research made during the day.