Draftfcb signs Romanian communication for Pazo: Home of Excellence


Pazo Grup, known to home deco fans for its exclusivist portfolio, is communicating its products, starting this summer, under “Home of Excellence” concept, developed by Draftfcb and repositioning Pazo as luxury brand that promises and delivers excellence.

The campaign, running between June-August 2012, includes executions for luxury and business press and outdoor, with the executions integrating in a subtle way Pazo products in famous paintings.

Each story bears a the visual fingerprints of the visual artist Emanuel Borcescu, Senior Art-Director Draftfcb.

The concept of the campaign is declined online on www.pazo.ro, that was realized as a virtual tour within an exceptional design museum

Coming from inspiration, enriched through luxury and remarkable by design. That’s how the Pazo refined works brought in Romania are. We are talking exactly about the details that are transforming an ordinary home in an art work. And the ones that are improving their homes with something like that are really art lovers, characters that live inside an priceless art work.  The executions are surprising this and re-work famous paintings that describe interior scenes, integrating in a normal manner the products Pazo is promoting

Claudiu Dobrita

Creative Director Draftfcb

From Pazo, the campaign was coordinated by Lucian Azoitei and Cosmin Paun- shareholders Pazo Grup.

Draftfcb team included Bogdan Ionita – Strategic Planner,  Sorina Parlea – PR&BTL Director, Claudiu Dobrita – Creative Director,  Emanuel Borcescu – Senior Art Director, Simona Lazar – Senior Copywriter,  Silvia Mihailescu – Ilustrator, Roxana Chiriloi – Account Manager, Ana Maria Pascaru – Senior PR Manager and Alina Stefan – PR Manager.