Educational campaign for future mums, launched by Medas at the opening of Medas Feminis

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Medas clinic launched the educational campaign for future mums “Prepare for a new life!”, to mark officially the opening of the new Medas Feminis, that is specialized in pregnancy and care for fetuses.

The campaign was launched in order to prepare future mums for a new stage of their lives and for the fact that, no matter the period of life they are in, they don’t have to forget that they are, more than anything, women.

The initiative also marked the opening of the special Medas clinic and is endorsed by Romanian celebrities such as Analia Selis, Manuela Fedorca and Gabriel Hennessey. The 1st action of the campaign was a photo exhibition by Gabriel Hennessey, where Analia Selis and Manuela Fedorca are presented in images taken during their pregnancies, to show women that pregnancy is a fulfilling state and they need to keep in mind they are feminine and need to take care of them.

The campaign will include seminaries for future mums, organized inside of the clinic in May, and elaboration of informative materials, including a blog where medical team will write continuously.