Romanian Ikea awarded the smallest living places

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Ikea Romania awarded the smallest living places, with one of the smallest places awarded being a kitchen measuring only 1.32 square meters.

The awarding step came after a campaign during which Ikea dared all inhabitants in Bucharest and surroundings to enter in contest the smallest kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, one room apartments and and student residences. From each category of contest entries, IKEA selected the smallest 3 spaces and redecorated them completely.

From a total of 1,859 entries, the most spaces submitted in competition were kitchens and bathrooms. The smallest space was a kitchen measuring 1.32 square meters and the biggest – a student residence measuring 10.14 square meters. The 18 winners had their spaces renovated and redecorated completely, the total value of the investment being of Euro 75,000 .

 Guided by the desire to make a better daily life for most people, we initiated this contest, through which we managed to fulfill dreams for 18 families. We managed to transform spaces that, at the 1st sight, can seem hard to use, in pleasant, cozy and useful spaces. Moreover, through these examples we are trying to offer inspiration to all people that live in such spaces. On are available all the photos and movies that show, step by step, the way we arranged those spaces, the products we use and other ideas for small houses. Sometimes, we cannot change a lot the dimensions of the space we live in, but we can adopt good solutions for that space in order to built a cozy and relaxed atmosphere

Cornel Oprisan

General Manager IKEA Romania.

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