Yoda.ro, from Pro TV internet unit, the 1st Romanian gadget-adaptable website

Digital & Media, ITC, Media, Mobile

Yoda.ro, tech specialized website launched by Pro TV’s internet division, is the 1st Romanian website that adapts its structure according to the device it is accessed from, as it uses the Responsive design structure.

The website will be easy to use both from laptops and desktops, tablets or smartphones.

Yoda.ro is able to detect  the gadget used to access it and changes its design so the user can have the optimum navigation experience.

This way, people that access it from laptops and desktops see an interface filled with video content, hi-res images and animations, while smartphone users access a simplified version, that loads fast and offers the desired info without presenting them an excess of graphical elements.

Responsive design is an innovative technique, that makes the website work in an optimum way even from the yet not launched gadgets, because is capable to adapt to any type of device.

The new yoda.ro also includes an iLike IT section, that will include the daily morning program hosted by George Buhnici within Pro TV’s morning show.