Vlad Petreanu, Romanian journalist and blogger, joins Europa FM radio


Vlad Petreanu (photo source: http://www.petreanu.ro/about/)

Vlad Petreanu, Romanian journalist and blogger, announced, on his blog, that he was invited to join Europa FM radio station‘s team and he accepted to do so.

I was happy to accept, because it is a clean, balanced and coherent radio station, and this kind of place is one where I feel well and work well (…) There are normal people at Europa FM: after many years, I found again in a redaction positive attitudes and open smiles. This is a rare thing in the other world, the TV one. You can feel the difference¬†immediately, like a pleasant surprise

Vlad Petreanu

According to Paginademedia.ro, Vlad Petreanu will be one of the voices of Europa FM‘s morning show. Starting September 17th, he will present the show together with Monica Anghel and George Zafiu.

Europa FM is part of Lagardère Active Radio International group, together with Radio 21, Smart FM and Vibe FM.