Hello Menthol signs the internal brand engagement project for Unicredit Leasing Corporation

Branding, Marketing

Hello Menthol, branding focused design and strategy bureau, made the internal brand engagement strategy for Unicredit Leasing Corporation, creating a relaxing working space, that reminds employees the brand values and is defined by elements relevant to them.

Following a research made in June-July 2012 and info received from the leasing company, Hello Menthol shaped the brand engagement strategy that sees some spaces within Unicredit Leasing building reorganized in order to facilitate relaxing activities, part of employees’ daily program.

We think that employees represent a company’s most valuable resource and, from this point of view, it is very important for the workplace to be a warm and comfortable space, which will allow them to use at max their potential. We thank our partner for helping with this project, that completes the benefits of a remarkable working environement

Antoaneta Curteanu

CEO UniCredit Leasing Corporation.

Unicredit Leasing Smile Point represents the 1st stage of the project, finalized in October 2012 and that meant the re-conversion of a corporate business space previously used as a conference room in a cultural hub for employees. Smile Point is a space that, through design and usage, shows all the values of an Unicredit Leasing employee. With an informal, friendly and creative design,  Smile Point looks closer to an agency’s brainstorming room and removes the austerity of a financial company.

 We started from employees’ desires and qualities and we created a playground area and an unconventional meeting point. The furniture and shelves were chosen or built in such a way as for the entire room to look playful and friendly, more like a living room than like an office, which makes it now a more motivational work place. The library – shaped as letters of Smile word – includes a selection of creativity books, personal development and art books

Alexu Toader

Managing Partner Hello Menthol.

Hello Menthol used 2 artists for the final elements to support the creative atmosphere: Andrei Argaetic, artist and curator of the biggest exhibition of painted furniture in the country, and Sucita, a very promising textile-artist.

The brand engagement strategy also includes developing, in the following months, of other areas for relaxation and meeting with art, and also a series of creative activities and workshops organized in those spaces.

The teams working on the project included

  • Hello Menthol: Alexu Toader – Creative Partner & Project Manager, Andrei Toader – Creative Partner, Andreea Vasile – Account Manager, Octavian Gheorghiu – architect, 3D rendering.
  • Unicredit Leasing Corporation: Andrei Roșu, Management & Strategy Consultant.
  • Artists: Andrei Argaetic, Sucita, Eldercut (urban toys)
  • Furniture: Dalin, Woodwork: Woodyo

Hello Menthol is a branding focused design bureau, launched in 2007 by a art director and an  illustrator. It developed as a creative partnership between a group of friends working in more Bucharest agencies. With teams in Bucharest and Basel (Switzerland), Hello Menthol gathered in portfolio a mix of super-star brands such as Heineken, Red Bull, Subaru, Ubisoft, Unicredit, UPC, Algida, Vanish and startups like Aviziero, Bunatarie or Atelierul de Productie.