Study: Romanian politicians like being on TV

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Romanian politicians Aurelian Pavelescu, Dan Diaconescu, Mihail Neamtu and Corneliu Vadim Tudor  are the political leaders most present on TV in September, according to a media TRUST monitoring report covering 6 TV stations (Antena 3, B1 TV, România TV, Money Channel,Realitatea TV and Digi 24) for the time interval between 17.00 – 23.00.

According to the study, Pavelescu, lawyer and politician (PNTCD – National Christian Democratic Party), tops on air presence, with a total of 12 presences in TV shows and 13 hours (817 minutes) spent on the air. Next are Dan Diaconescu (PPDD – Dan Diaconescu Popular Party), with 584 minutes (almost 10 hours), and Mihail Neamtu, founder of New Republic politican movement, with 395 minutes (close to 7 hours). The 4th place in the top was claimed by Corneliu Vadim Tudor (PRM – Big Romania Party – nationalistic orientation), with 321 minutes, followed by Victor Ponta, Romanian prime minister and leader PSD, with 286 minutes.

Most active political representatives & most present parties on TV

mediaTRUST also shows that Sorin Rosca Stanescu is PNL’s representative most viewed on TV (18) in September, present mainly in shows at Realitatea TV and Antena 3.  Lavinia Sandru (UNPR – National Union for Romania’s Progress) was second, with 15 presences on TV in September, most of them on Romania TV.

From PSD, the politician with most presences was Liviu Pop, Social Dialogue delegate minister, also with 15 presences on TV.

Petru Luhan had most presences at Realitatea TV, while Mircea Cosea (Romanian Ecologist Party) was present 13 times in TV shows

mediaTrust compiled also a top of the most present political parties on TV, based on their members presence in TV shows. According to this top, PSD (Social Democratic Party) leads, with 233 appearances in TV shows, followed by PDL (Democratic Liberal Party) – 196 and PNL  (National Liberal Party) – 182

Subscribed guests to news channels: Mugur Ciuvica, Marius Pieleanu and Bogdan Chirieac

Men are more present on TV than women, with Mugur Ciuvica (president Political Investigation Group association) being most present on TV in September (38 times), followed by Marius Pieleanu (sociologist, 29 times) and Bogdan Chirieac (businessman, 29 times).

When it comes to women, Lavinia Sandru (UNPR) leads the top, with 15 presences, followed by

Andreea Paul Vass (Prime Vice-President at PDL’s Women Organization), Monica Tatoiu and Alina Gorghiu (PNL), with 12 presences each.

The number of presences in show depends, also, of the TV channel, with each channel having their preferred guests:

  • Among the guests with most presence at Antena 3 are Mugur Ciuvica, Bogdan Chirieac and the economist Ilie Serbanescu.
  • At B1 TV, most solicited were Sabin Orcan (journalist, 11 presences), followed by Malin Bot and Mircea Marian (8 presences each).
  • Digi 24 had repetedly in its sets Vasile Gherasim (member in Lower Chamber of Parliament), Mirel Palada and Stefan Vlaston (President  EDU CER Association).
  • Gheorghe Piperea (Romanian juridical specialist), Cristian Sima (former manager Sibiu Stock Exchange) and Iosif Boda (sociologist) had the most presences at Money Channel.
  • Realitatea TV preferred as guests the journalists Florian Bichir and Alecu Racoviceanu, together with Sorin Rosca Stanescu.
  • Main guests in Romania TV’s studios were Marius Pieleanu, Florin Iaru and Monica Tatoiu.