Publicis and Orange launched a new communication campaign for Colibri subscriptions

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Publicis Bucharest and Orange launched a new communication campaign for Colibri subscriptions, that continue the idea “wherever you have internet, you have inspiration”, illustrating dynamically the way mobile internet helps avoid routine and make things different.

The execution is part of the communication campaign for postpaid subscriptions, launched by Orange Romania in September and that brings in the spotlight a character the general public can identify with.

After an inspiration moment and a few fast searches on the internet, ad’s main character calls for his friends to organize a non-conventional race. During the story, there are unveiled the 3 attributes of the character: adventurous, inspired and popular, attributes that build the typology of mobile internet’s target.

The campaign also promotes an innovative entertainment way, Zorbing, considered by some an extreme sport and consisting in rolling around a person that sits inside of a transparent sphere of big dimentions (on average 2.6-3.8 meters in diameter) on a sloppy terrain.

Zorbing is the activity that the spots centers on and also was a reason for an online activation, Zorbing Camp, a Facebook app developed with the role to fast introduce the public in this sport’s world ). Users enter a virtual camp, where they have to pass 6 tests during 2 weeks. After an intense online training, at the end of the camp, they can apply all they learned and win one of the zorbing balls.

The app is daring users to pass 7 tests during which they must prove different skills, offering awards worth in total RON 10,000.

Also, during the campaign, the general public can get familiar with zorbing during a visit at the mall, as, part of a special project, 2 zorbing balls are displayed in Bucharest malls.

With this ad, we wanted to illustrate as spectacular as possible the inspiration source mobile internet represents. The way ideas can take shape when you’re permanently connected to the online universe. Zorbing is, in this case, a good pretext to initiate an unique competition and, in the same time, a really memorable and cinematic scene

Silviu Nedelschi

Group Creative Director la Publicis

Through this new campaign we aim to show more clearly the way online can transform offline experiences. And, certainly, adventurous young people, open to new experiences, like our spot character, will let themselves inspired and will look to find, at their turn, new creative solutions that will add more savor to every day experiences. This is, in fact, the role of mobile internet: to surprise you, no matter where you are

Crina Tenovici

Head of Data & B2B Communication Orange

Filming for the ads took place at Paltinu and were directed by Ohav Flantz. The production house is Mitra Film.

Teams involved in the campaign are

  • Publicis Bucharest: Daniel Raicea – Head of Orange Division, Alina Vija – Senior Account Executive, Silviu Nedelschi – Group Creative Director, Vali Petridean – Group Creative Director,  Romulus Petcan – Copywriter, Gabriel Gherca – Art Director, Ciprian Frunzeanu – Digital Art Director, Elis Iaia – Senior Digital Planner, Marius Farcasanu and Catalin Dumitrescu – Web Developers, Camelia Efrimov – AV Producer.
  • Orange Romania: Mirela Bosoi – Head of Brand & Communication, Crina Tenovici – Head of Data & B2B Communication, Flavia Cozma – Online Communication Specialist