You follow us, we follow you – how a pizzeria gets more followers on Twitter

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Mellow Mushroom is a pizza place with a laid-back Hippie mentality and a rather stoned-looking mushroom for a mascot. As it expanded to 130 stores in over 100 US cities, Mellow Mushroom wanted to get more followers on Twitter. So they went on telling people “If you follow us, we’ll follow you”; what they didn’t mention was that they’d be doing the following in real life, in company’s creepy mushroom costumes.

Adam & Dave at Arts & Sciences directed the hidden camera stalk-fest, following 20 real @mellowmushroom followers in a period of one week. By enlisting the followers’ friends and families as accomplices, “Mel” and “Dude” were in place and ready to trail them without their knowledge.

The promotion was launched on, where visitors can watch the videos, follow Mellow Mushroom on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, and enter to win free pizza for a year. Over the course of the next month, local Mellow Mushroom stores will follow their new followers, surprising them with pizza and t-shirts.


Fitzgerald+CO – agency

  • CCO: Noel Cottrell
  • Executive Producer: Christine Sigety
  • Creative Director/Writer: Mitch Bennett
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  • Creative Director/Art Director: Brad Sarmiento
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Arts & Sciences – Production Company

  • Directors: Adam & Dave (Adam Brodie & Dave Derewlany)
  • Producer: Alex Waite
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  • Executive Producer: Marc Marrie
  • Managing Director: Mal Ward

Arcade Edit – editorial

  • Editorial: Arcade Edit
  • Editor: Greg Scruton
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  • Assistant: Luc Giddens
  • Managing Partner/EP: Damian Stevens

Acoustech – Sound

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Airship – Online & FX 

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  • Managing Partner/EP:  Damian Stevens
  • EP:  Nicole Visram