Cabral Ibaka and Vlad Petreanu – 3 days connected to tech, behind closed doors

Creativity, Marketing

Cabral Ibacka and Vlad Petreanu, two of the most popular showbiz personalities in Romania and A-list bloggers, will live together between 3 – 5 December, as part of an experiment initiated by Romtelecom – Casa 3PLAY.

Behind closed doors, Cabral and Vlad will receive and solve live different challenges from the public, using only their smartphones, tablets, TVs, laptops and phones to show that nothing is impossible when you get help from the newest communication services. The public will be able to watch them in action and interact with them on December 3rd, 4th and 5th, between 19.00-21.00, on campaign’s website.

The role of tech and communication services in daily live increased so much that it became hard to imagine how life would be without them. This is where the idea of the experiment started, with Casa 3Play being an interactive live show testing tech limits to see how much it can help us in solving the most important problems we face every day or to make our life better.

It’s crazy!  We will be like in a camp, we have 3 days of solving problems received through Facebook, Twitter and blog, locked in a house and hooked to the world only via technology. It is going to be a challenge both for us and for those who will follow us, because they have to come with original ideas to win the prize, and we have to find solutions as originals. I can hardly wait!


I’m always ready to contribute to humanity’s progress, so there was no way for me to loose the occasion to undergo this unique experiment, meant to test human and creativit limits on internet! Especially when in the equation it is introduced also a perturbing factor of Cabral’s magnitude


Starting November 27th, the public can submit difficult or amusing challenges for Vlad and Cabral via a dedicated app on campaign’s website. The two will chose the most daring ones and will try to solve them live. Also, the most interesting challenges will automatically enter a draw that has as stake one of the 3 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7 tablets.

Romtelecom hosts the show because it proves, in an innovative and funny way, how useful the customized TV, internet and voice packages are in any Romanian’s house. To run this experiment, Cosmote Romania will make available last generation smartphones and mobile services of voice and data.