Daedalus Millward Brown: Almost 70% of Romanian got Black Friday fever

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In just couple weeks, due to increased attention from mass media, Black Friday’s awareness increased two and a half times, reaching 69.8% of Romania’s population, with 11.1% of people that find out about the event buying something in the week-end 23-25 November, mentions a study made by Daedalus Millward Brown research company.

The study was made between December 4th-6th and investigated Romanians’ buying habits on Black Friday and measured the entire Romanian retail market.

The results of the post-Black Friday study showed an accelerated increase in the percentage of Romanians familiarized with this event. In less than 20 days, the percentage jumped from 27.2% to 69.8%. Among people that heard of Black Friday, 11.1% said they bought something from retailers that came up with promotions in Black Friday week-end.

According to the study, 38.1 buyers chose to buy online on Black Friday.

Most Romanians used Black Friday promotions to complete or replace home appliances, with 44.4% acquisitions on Black Friday being articles in this category.

ITC and electronics ranked 2nd and 3rd, with ITC (Laptops, phones and tablets) responsible for 30% of acquisitions and electronics – 24.3%.

On Black Friday, Romanians also opted for another categories of products such as fashion, cosmetics or food, that attracted 23.2% of purchases. Toys represented 2.4% and DIY products – 2%.

In what concerns the stores where Romanians bought on Black Friday, the top is leaded by eMAG.ro (21.1%), Flanco ( 18.4%) and Altex+Mediagalaxy (12.3%) and rounded up by  Domo (9.4%),  Carrefour (8.6%), Metro (2.8%), evomag.ro ( 2.2%), PCGarage.ro (1.6%),  Kaufland (1%) and Azerty.ro, Clickshop.ro, Cel.ro (0.6% each)