CohnandJansen JWT made the launch campaign and branding for Mega Image Concept Store

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CohnandJansen JWT  made the launch campaign and the branding for Mega Image Concept Store, with the communication strategy focusing on an unseen shopping experience in a supermarket.

Visually, the new Mega Image has an unique style, vanguardist for Romanian retail. The agency managed to create motifs and textures from ingredients stylized in a geometrical graphic. Each area of interest within the concept store has its own identity, based on different colors and symbols that, together, create a strong and alive visual universe

Raluca Iacob,

Strategic Planner CohnadJansen JWT.

With the tagline “Prepare yourself for the unseen”, the campaign is oriented towards a core target including mainly women aged 18 – 59 y.o., with medium education and medium and high income.

Mega Image Concept Store is situated in Gemeni Market and is a store based on a concept completely different from the competition. The branding was the most complicated one, combining a series of geometrical elements specially built for each department of the store.

The launch event was organized by eventures.

Like all the projects that bear eventures’ signature, we wanted to create a different event concept, that will show in an innovative way the uniqueness of the  hypermarket and to mark this first on Romanian market. For this, we involved heavy names from Romanian showbiz industry and transformed the event in a total reality show. I am glad we shared the same creative vision together with Mega Image and CohnandJansen and that the result was a positive one. It was a successful partnership and a successful start of collaboration and we hope to continue to create other special events together with our partners

Amalia Nastase,

Managing Partner eventures.

The teams working on Mega Image Concept Store launch included

CohnandJansen JWT: Alex Negoescu – Creative Director, Evelin Bundur – Art Director, Mona Petre – Art Director, Felicia Stoica – Copy, Sebastian Romano – copy, Raluca Iacob – Senior Strategic Planner, Arina Stoenica – Account Manager.

eventures: Andrei Florea – Client Service, Andrei Savin – Event Producer, Adriana Chiper – PR Manager and Marius Seinoiu – Project Manager.

The launch of Mega Image Concept Store was the last project made by  CohnandJansen JWT for Mega Image, following a pitch made in the end of 2012.