Gemius and Evensys to present the results of Leading Brands study during Digital Marketing Forum conference

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Gemius and Evensys will present the results of Leading Brands study on March 6th, during Digital Marketing Forum, an event that will take place at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bucharest.

Leading Brands is an annual study made by the 2 companies and aims to evaluate brands’ online presence and identifying the top brands in domains such as  Telecom, Auto, personal care and Banking. Also, the study aims to establish which are the more popular and reliable Romanian brands in internet users’ eyes. 

With every year that passes, brands’ online presence becomes more and more complex and it is harder to evaluate and the results obtained following the study are offering relevant info both for marketers and companies in what concerns consumers perspective. For the 6th consecutive edition, Leading Brands study already became a tradition and offers the possibility to follow perception trends for brands coming from romanian internet users

Catalin Emilian,

Country Manager Gemius Research Romania.

Compared to previous years, it is increasingly important for Romanian internet users to have innovative brand services and products. Meanwhile, notoriety share decreased in calculating the index that defines a top brands. Also, when talking about characteristics that define a brand’s online presence, users are now giving more importance to the possibility of making online acquisitions. 

During last couple years, Internet became, in Romania, a mature communication environment that offers results, no matter we are talking about sales, performance or notoriety. Online Leading Brands study, made by Gemius together with Evensys, confirms those results, unveiling the way brands performed online and offering valuable information to advertisers and agencies. To put it short, according to Digital Marketing Forum 2013 slogan, “Internet Sells” “

Cristian Manafu,

Managing Partner Evensys.