Interactive thermal panel, used for the 1st time in Romania in a social campaign

Creativity, Media, OOH / DOOH

Leo Burnett Group and Samusocial launched, in February, “Give a little warmth” initiative, an action aimed to make people realize the critical need for heated accommodation places for homeless people.

To make as visible as possible this problem, a bus station in the center of Bucharest was heated during nights, to benefit homeless people. This was possible by replacing the ad panel in the station with an interactive thermal panel. To make people realize their implication is needed to keep functioning the homeless shelters, the passers-by were invited to make a first step and donate a bit of their “human warmth” by touching the panel for a few seconds, to warm it. In exchange, the bus shelter became a warm shelter during the night.

Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, get me involved and I will understand – it is a proverb that became an advertising credo. Through this campaign, we tried to get people involved to make them realize that only with their help the serious problem of homeless people can be solved. In the same time, we made in such a way that an advertising support helped directly a cause, transforming an ad support into a panel that generates heat.

Victor Stroe,

Planning Director Leo Burnett & Target

Unfortunatelly, the number of shelters in Bucharest is insufficient to satisfy the need of the almost 5,000 homeless people in Romanian capital. According to statistics, around 300 homeless people die every year, especially during the winter season. With this pilot project, we tried to show Bucharest’s citizens that there are heating solutions during winter, but resources and good faith are needed to make that possible

Sabina Nicolae,

Executive Director Executiv Samusocial Romania

The action is a pilot project that aims to expand in the future and come with new solutions to help homeless people. It is an action initiated by Leo Burnett & Target for Samusocial, supported by Starcom MediaVest and EPA Media.