Romanians join “Suspended Coffee” movement


Suspended coffee is a movement of generous people that started amplifying in Europe, with some of Romanian pubs already involved in this initiative, showing that good deeds are valuable.

The initiative’s mechanism is very simple: one pays for a coffee that he doesn’t drink, but lets the vendor to take care of it until a client that can drink it for free appears.

The idea appeared in South of Italy and entered area’s tradition as a “sharing” gesture made by a lucky client that, this way, pays forward some of his luck to a strangers. The initiative was adapted and adopted also in other countries, such as Ukraine, Canada and Bulgaria.

In Romania, gathered together the places that joined the initiative, places from Bucharest, Iasi and Brasov that are into good deeds and worth to be visited. To promote “suspended coffee” movement, offers free promotion, for 6 months, to any pub that joins the initiative in April.

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