Praktiker changed perception over its prices with a campaign signed by Leo Burnett & Target

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Praktiker and Leo Burnett&Target launched on the market, in June 2012, “Praktiker. You can afford even with low income” campaign. The campaign aimed to change clients’ perception that Praktiker had big prices.

In a very crowded market, in which all communication emphasized small prices, Praktiker managed to differentiate with a different approach, that proved its efficiency. Instead using same “smallest price” or “guaranteed prices”, Praktiker chose to communicate its prices by equivalent in hours of work for a number of professions for middle class: driver, painter, fireman, pharmacist and so on.

The adopted approach proved to be a real success, with the results of a study made 6 months after the campaign showing that people perceived Praktiker prices as being 20% less than at the start of the campaign.

Moreover, the study shows 94% of the interviewed people considered credible Praktiker’s campaign, more than 50% of those that saw it being convinced to go in Praktiker’s stores. The campaign had a positive effect also on business level, with Praktiker registering a growth in number of clients and sales for the 1st time during the last 3 years.

The campaign (…) was the best solution to change clients’ perception over Praktiker’s prices without talking about small prices. The campaign targeted a large segment of the population, this being also the reason why we chose diverse but popular occupations, that are frequent and very known. The results of this campaign were amazingly positive –  we registered an increase both in clients traffic and sales during the entire campaign’s period of communication, from June to December 2012. For us, it is a very important moment

Cornelia Gheorghe,

Acquisitions Director Praktiker Romania.

In a market where all players are communicating, for 3 years, exclusively small prices, the smallest, impossible to beat, our challenge was to find a new and convincing way to change perception on Praktiker’s prices. And the solution came when we looked at the consumers. We realized that the promise of a small price doesn’t mean anything without something to compare it with. So we chose to use a much powerful and relevant comparison for consumers: their incomes

Irina Carbunescu

Strategic Planner Leo Burnett & Target.