Ursus Breweries launches Ursus Cooler, a mix of beer and lemonade

Business, Marketing

Ursus Breweries launches Ursus Cooler, a new beer and lemonade mix. The product launch will be promoted with an integrated communication campaign that will include TV, online, print, outdoor, PR, BTL and in trade activations.

Ursus Cooler is the 1st Romanian brand from the lemonade-beer mix segment that also offers the non-alcoholic version of the product.

Consumers’ demand for more and more diversified products, to answer their dynamic lifestyle, determined the expansion of our range with the new Ursus Cooler. We target active people, to which we propose an entertaining and cool summer (…)

Mihai Barsan,

Marketing VP, Ursus Breweries.

20130312_Ursus Breweries_URSUS Cooler_poster_480x680mm