Realitatea TV, back on the first place among the top most frequently quoted media sources

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Realitatea TV, and Antena 3 are among the media sources most frequently quoted in the written press, according to mediaTRUST. The study was conducted based on 509 materials referring to printed or on-line publications, radio and TV stations quoted in the printed press during the interval 01-31 March 2013.

Realitatea TV station ranks first in the general classification of the most frequently quoted media sources, with 62 mentions. is ranked second, with 60 mentions, followed by Antena 3, with 55 mentions. The three media products were mentioned in the context of political or economic topics. The general classification of the most extensively cited sources also includes (45 mentions), Romania TV (37 mentions), (32 mentions). B1 TV holds 7th place in the top, with 29 mentions, followed by PRO TV, with 21.

Ziarul Financiar is the leader of the most frequently cited printed press publications, with 11 mentions. The list of print publications also includes: general newspapers, such as Evenimentul Zilei (6), Jurnalul National (8), România Liberă (5) – tabloids Click (4), Libertatea (9), as well as business publications Forbes (6), Capital (5).

In the TV stations category, the media mainly cited information which initially appeared on Realitatea TV and Antena 3 with 62 and 55 mentions respectively. Romania TV ranks third with 37 mentions. B1 TV had 29 mentions, followed by Pro TV with 21 mentions and Kanal D, with 14.

As far as radio stations are concerned, the media mainly cited information broadcast by Kiss FM, Magic FM, Europa FM, România Actualităţi and Radio 2, each with one mention.

Journalists have also quoted and published information on the Internet. Among the most cited on-line portals we find (60), followed by (45) and (32). The next portals in mediaTRUST classification are gâ (9 mentions), (7) and (6 mentions).

Ziarul Financiar was most frequently cited in the business publications category, with 11 mentions, followed by with 7 mentions. Forbes ranks third in the classification of business publications, with 6 mentions. Capital is ranked fourth, with 5 mentions, followed by, with 4 mentions.

The media products were quoted in the context of various topics such as internal politics, finance, economy, sports, celebrities, etc.

The study “The most cited media products in Romania” provides information on how often certain products were quoted in the media (print) and does not include press agencies. The study was conducted during the period 01-31 March 2013. The analysis includes all the materials from the printed press to have quoted various media (print, online, radio, TV). The report includes publications which refer to articles, comments and statements to have appeared in various media, provided they were not part of media reviews or reprints from other media.

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