mediaTRUST: Romanian tourism visibility in advertising in the first four months of 2013

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Tourism visibility in advertising has recorded a positive evolution in terms of number of advertisements displayed by the media, according to a mediaTrust analysis. During the period January 1 – April 30, 2013, the media channels displayed 5,176 commercials from the tourism category.

The biggest advertising volume was broadcast on radio stations (2,975 ads) and on TV (2,064 ads). The study indicates a reduced share of ads in the written press, namely 140 printed ads.

The report shows an evolution in the number of commercials broadcast on radio stations. If 239 ads were broadcast on the radio in January 2013, their number increased in April, to 1,303. This positive evolution is partially due to the 1st of May and Easter mini-holiday, which generated an increment in the number of tourists, hence in the number of offers.

As to the evolution of commercials broadcast on TV, we can notice an involution, from 858 commercials shown in January, to 385 commercials recorded in April 2013.

Ads in the written press recorded a slight advance during the four months, having got to 40 ads in April, from 35, in January.

Top 5 most extensively promoted brands

The analysis also includes a classification of the most visible tourism brands in terms of advertising. Thus, Christian Tour travel agency had the largest number of broadcast ads (796), with a rate card of EUR 469,429. Germisara Hotel had 541 ads, having recorded a RC of EUR 123,811. recorded 516 ads, and a RC of EUR 835,630. West City Hotel had 399 ads, with a RC of EUR 91,088, and Sub Cetate la Matei had 357 ads and an RC of EUR 809.580.

Distribution of ads per categories of products

According to mediaTRUST report, hotels and bed and breakfasts recorded the highest advertising volume (2,333 advertisements) during the period January 1 – April 30, 2013, followed by travel agencies, with 1,798 ads. Guides/data bases/recommendations are ranked third, having recorded a number of 786 ads.

Top 3 media sources

The analysis indicates the media sources to have displayed the largest number of tourism ads. Romania TV is the TV station with the highest number of tourism commercials (744), followed by Etno TV, with 396 commercials, and TV, with 293 commercials.

Tourism had the biggest visibility on Pro Fm radio station (1,120 commercials). The second place in the classification is held by Kiss FM, with 805 commercials, followed by RFI, with 234 commercials.

In the written press category, Libertatea daily recorded 21 tourism ads, followed by Ciao magazine, with 12 ads, and Zile şi Nopţi publication, with 10 ads.

The report was elaborated based on the results from the monitoring of 5,179 advertisements displayed during the interval January 1 – April 30, 2013, on 20 TV stations, 12 radio stations, and in 200 central publications. MediaTRUST presents the visibility of tourism in the ads shown by media channels with the help of the admonit application. With a data base available since June 2012, the on-line service admonit allows generating reports to include advertising expenses, duration and number of displays for any time interval and dates selected by the user (media channels, advertisers, brands, sectors, or other elements of the classification).

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