Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers signs the communication campaign for Civil Society Gala 2013


Romanian strategy and brand agency Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers made the communication campaign for 2013 edition of Civil Society Gala.

The campaign, running under the slogan “Good can be also sensational!”, presents the winning projects from last year’s edition of the Gala and re-interprets them in the specific style tabloids and scandal publications have.

Tabloid titles in campaign’s executions are used to underline the message of the campaign and to convince people to promote good.

In the 11th year of Civil Society Gala, we’re talking with humor about a sad reality, as it is a subject that we consider important, but that cannot be approached with a didactic tone. When it comes of the campaigns for Civil Society Gala, Romanian reality give us, year after year, bad insights, and we are stubbornly optimistic in our efforts to make good more visible. That’s why we imagined a crazy world, in which people would exchange the absurd stories about almost nothing for healthy gossips related to people and facts that really matter. How would the life of Romanians exposed shamelessly to positive news would change? Civil society doesn’t wear tanga, doesn’t attend to cat-fights in clubs, doesn’t make tatoos or dress on the latest trends, doesn’t go to Mamaia or to tanning centers. So it doesn’t look that interesting at the first sight. And still, you can gossip about good, our sensational really is sensational (…)

Marc Bortun,

Creative Partner – Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers.

The campaign tries to make people acknowledge the subjects approached by some of the Romanian press and also to promote people and NGOs that really deserve to get attention.

The mission of Civil Society Gala is a clear one: it promotes the civic spirit. We are happy we have partners that are close to us and help us for more than 10 years to achieve this mission. And, to remain in this year’s campaign spirit, we could say ‘it’s scandalous’ how important was the partnership with Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers in order to consolidate Civil Society Gala brand

Andrei Bortun,

President Civil Society Gala Foundation

The campaign runs in May and June 2013, with help from event’s media partners:  Hotnews, Kanal D, B1 TV, EuropaFM, Evenimentul Zilei, Capital, Digi24, Bucharest Sector 1 City Hall, Biz, Euromedia, Elevate, Wall-Street, IQads, Tataia, Sapte Seri, Zeppelin, igloo, Think Outside The Box.

The campaign includes 3 visuals and a radio ad.

Civil Society Gala is a project of the foundation with the same name, part of Millenium People. This year, 220 projects and programs were entered into the competition by 151 representatives of NGO sector all over Romania.

The main partner of the event is Rompetrol group, while the founding sponsor is Vodafone romania. Other partners are Carpatcement Holding, GSK Romania (GlaxoSmithKline), ANPCDEFP, Tineret in Acţiune, Avon Romania, Bursa Binelui, EC’s representatives in Romania, ERSTE Foundation, Coca-Cola HBC Romania, Carrefour, ING Asigurari de Viata. The event also benefits of support from National Opera in Bucharest.