Lidl Romania makes online barbecue, on its Live Social Grill

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Lidl Romania is barbecuing online on July 15-18, thought the Facebook app Lidl Live Social Grill.

The novelty of the campaign consist in a “live streaming” component that allows seeing, in real time, the products prepared on the grill positioned in the parking lot from a Lidl store in Bucharest. Facebook fans will have the opportunity to see online how the products are barbecues, to tag themselves in the prepared products and win them instantaneously.

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The mechanism of the competition is simple: to enjoy a lunch prepared on Lidl’s Social Grill, fans must watch the live transmission on Facebook between 12.00-18.00. When the products are laid on the grill, they need to tag fast the product with their name in order to win it. The first user that manage to do that will receive that grilled product at home, if he’s from Bucharest. Fans in other towns will receive a voucher worth RON 10 they can use in the store.

Also, the products prepared during the live barbecue sessions will be offered – with a limit depending on available volume – to the clients that buy for at least RON 50 in Lidl store that has in its parking lot the Live Social Grill tent. This way, both the Facebook fans and clients will have the possibility to enjoy this summer the goodies prepared on Lidl’s barbecue.

We want to be as close as possible to our fans and clients and to offer them as many reasons to be happy and the live transmissions integrated in real-time marketing campaigns are generating both a tighter relation with our public, but also interaction and innovative methods of compensation. As, every time, going out barbecuing is a good excuse to relax and party in the spare time, we wanted to offer the same pleasant atmosphere and the same culinary richness to the ones that always support us. This is why we started grilling and invited all our friends – fans and clients – to a tasty and savory grill

Georgiana Tugearu,

PR Manager Lidl Romania.

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